Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Occupy Protesters Go back to Zuccotti Park After Judge Orders Eviction

Protestors on Occupy Wall Street experienced more obstacles on Tuesday, November. 15 when police raided Zuccotti Park in early hrs before beginning. Protestors were kicked out in the park and removed of the camping equipment following a judge ruled in support of NY City and park owner Brookfield Office Qualities Corporation. Roughly 200 protestors were arrested.our editor recommendsMedia Stored at Distance as NY Police Obvious Occupy Wall Street EncampmentHow Music Is Playing an important Role within the Occupy Wall Street ProtestsJay-Zs Occupy Wall Street T-T shirts Removed After Critique PHOTOS: The Scene at Occupy Wall Street Later on that day, the 2 parties faced off against Occupy Wall Street Reps within the court docket. Top Court Justice Michael Stallman ultimately on the sides using the city, ruling that camping around the block wasn't freedom of expression protected through the First Amendment, though protestors could go back to the park without their tents along with other equipment, reviews the Wall Street Journal. The park continued to be closed through a lot of the day, with 100s of protestors waiting for the judge's decision outdoors a barricaded area yet others staging an impromptu rally nearby, which led to several additional busts. PHOTOS: 'Occupy Wall Street Hollywood': Artists on Scene of Protests Meanwhile, roughly 100 people from the Occupy LA movement broke using their primary encampment to march via a downtown street and show oneness using their NY counterpart. There have been no busts or utilization of pressure. Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg held a news conference that mid-day, by which he expressed concern within the healthy and safety conditions around the block, based on the NY Occasions. PHOTOS: The Scene at Occupy La "NY City may be the city where one can come and express yourself," he stated. "That which was happening in Zuccotti Park wasn't that." The park was reopened shortly at night, permitting protestors revisit their movement in one file line. Based on a publish on OccupyWallStreet.org, NYPD are presently taking up Liberty Square with unclear demands. Related Subjects Occupy

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