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Hunger Games Movie Download

The Hunger Games can be a 2012 United states science fiction activity film guided by way of Grettle Ross, depending on the book the exact same title by way of Suzanne Collins. The film had been manufactured by Nina Jacobson plus Jon Kilik, which has a script by way of Ross, Collins, plus Billy Jimmy. It superstars Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Woodsy Harrelson, Electronic Lenders, plus Donald Sutherland. The tale develops inside a dystopian post-apocalyptic potential within the region of Panem, which consists of your affluent metropolis, named the Capitol, between 10 fewer well-off districts. Since abuse for the past revolt from the administration, your Capitol begun the Hunger Games-a public annual function wherein one kid the other lady through every single 10 districts are picked out inside a lotto while "tributes" and are also needed to fight to your loss of life within the world until you can find one leftover winner. If the character Katniss Everdeen (Lawrence) listens to the girl more youthful sister's title known as the feminine gratitude for their area, your lover volunteers to use the girl placed in get to save lots of the girl through having to play a part. Accompanied by the girl district's men gratitude Peeta Mellark (Hutcherson), Katniss vacations for the Capitol to practice pertaining to the Hunger Games in the direction of past winner Haymitch Abernathy (Harrelson). The film was launched upon Drive Twenty one, 2012, with France and other nations plus throughout the world upon Drive 1, 2012, in traditional playhouses plus digital IMAX playhouses. During generate, your film arranged your file for that lastly best beginning weekend pack company revenue from a flick ($152.A few , 000, 000) with North America guiding Harry Potter as well as Deathly Hallows -- Part A couple of ($169 , 000, 000) as well as Dim Dark night ($158 , 000, 000) and was the most important pack company debut for the non-sequel. It will be the first film because Avatar to on the first page with the pack company pertaining to 4 straight weekends. The Hunger Games had been praised by way of a lot of naysayers, whom praised it really is themes plus messages, along with Lawrence's efficiency while Katniss. Including the book, your film features enticed grievance due to its similarities for some other functions, for example the Japoneses book Challenge Royale as well as film edition, plus the United states small tale "The Lottery". It is actually known, however, this Collins' book plus script get essential variations by way of making use of types of creativity for example the fable of Theseus, Roman gladiatorial games, truth tv, as well as Irak Warfare. Watch The Hunger Games is the main topic of different interpretations, such as allusions for you to feminist, politics, plus orlando allegory. The country of Panem, made from the post-apocalyptic North America, created affluent Capitol plus 14 not as good surrounding districts. As being a abuse for the prior revolt from the Capitol with the districts, one kid the other lady between the ages of 10 plus 18 through every single area are picked out by way of a lotto (the "Reaping") to participate with the Hunger Games. The players (or even "tributes") of the Hunger Games need to attack within the world controlled with the Capitol until one is always still living; your winner is definitely rewarded along with reputation plus money. Katniss Everdeen, your 16-year-old lady through Region 10, volunteers for that 74th annual Hunger Games, to accept the host to the girl more youthful sibling Primrose, who had been picked out with the lotto. Peeta Mellark, your baker's child whom after offered Katniss bakery when the girl relatives had been eager, can also be picked out. Katniss plus Peeta are come to your Capitol, in which the drunk coach, past Games winner Haymitch Abernathy, instructs the crooks to view plus understand the advantages on the additional tributes, especially the "Careers", who have been properly trained through delivery for you to vie within the Games. Throughout a pre-Games meet with along with Tv set character Caesar Flickerman, Peeta at any time discloses his passion pertaining to Katniss. The girl with at first furious, knowing it to be a trick to gain viewers service, while "sponsors" may possibly present in-Games presents of meal, medication, plus gear. The Games commence with one half of your tributes slaughtered about the first evening, though Katniss relies upon the girl well-practiced searching plus backyard expertise to thrive. Peeta varieties the anxious coalition with the Careers, such as Cato, Clove, Amazing, plus Glimmer, and with his or her checking aid they will area Katniss within the woods. Katniss evolves your alliance along with Region 14 gratitude Repent in the event the young child suggests your monitor jacker home, which usually Katniss comes about the Careers, hurting Glimmer. Repent cares about you pertaining to Katniss while your lover rejuvenates through monitor jacker toxic body, though the alliance closes when Repent is definitely fatally wounded by way of Amazing, which Katniss kills inside their defense. Katniss stays on along with Repent while your lover passes away, in that case develops flowers over the girl physique like a manifestation of admire. Once this is definitely public, the idea sets off your riot with Region 14. By using Katniss plus Peeta shown to anyone while "star-crossed lovers" -- as well as Gamemakers trying to avoid inciting more riots -- a rule modify is definitely declared half way in the Games, on the grounds that a couple tributes in the similar area might acquire your Games like a pair. After reading the following, Katniss quest for Peeta plus locates your pet, wounded by way of Cato which has a sword. Since Katniss healthcare professionals Peeta back in wellbeing, your lover presents himself while excited about your pet to gain viewers favour plus sponsorship. Any time your lover tries to obtain medication pertaining to Peeta, Clove violence the girl. Thresh looks plus kills Clove, sparing Katniss with ram of Repent. "Foxface" passes away through ingesting nightlock blueberries and other berries thieved through Peeta, whom did not know these were hugely toxic. Your pack of horrible hound-like creatures are released, hurting Thresh plus driving Katniss plus Peeta into the Cornucopia, in which they will come across Cato. Right after a tough attack, Katniss launches Cato with the arrow to save lots of Peeta's daily life. Cato declines for the creatures, plus Katniss launches your pet for you to additional your pet a chronic loss of life. By using Peeta plus Katniss seemingly winning in concert, your Gamemakers suddenly turn back concept modify allowing for a couple victors, establishing these individuals around the multiple one another for the loss of life. Instead, Katniss uses a storage cache of nightlock blueberries and other berries plus arms 1 / 2 for you to Peeta. Realizing that the suicide could deprive anyone from a winner, your Gamemakers swiftly declare them both while victors on the 74th Hunger Games. While they are addressed to some hero's allowed within the Capitol, Katniss is definitely informed by way of Haymitch that she has now become a politics opposing forces immediately after such a public defiance of the girl society's authoritarian frontrunners. Since Katniss plus Peeta bring back to Region 10, Leader Environments considers how to handle your joint victors as well as inner thoughts of revolt that they will include prompted.

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More new images for Dark Shadows

Dark Shadows has released another batch of official stills, getting a big change in the Actor-kaira Pitt and Michelle Pfeiffer, additionally to supporting players Avoi Eco-friendly and Chloe Moretz.Eco-friendly plays sulty witch Angelique Bouchard, the woman scorned who turns Johnny Depp's Barnabas Collins in to a vampire and condemns him with a tomb for any couple of centuries.Moretz plays among Collins' latter-day descendants, Carolyn, a edgy teen kicking in the authority of her under regular family.We still can't overcome how youthful both Depp and Pfeiffer appear, the 2nd searching particularly resplendent as family matriarch Elizabeth Collins Stoddard. Did she really eat Clare Danes' heart round the number of Stardust?Also starring Johnny Lee Burns, Helena Bonham Carter and Jackie Earle Haley (it's a three title minimum for Burton's supporting cast), Dark Shadows opens inside the Uk on 11 May 2012.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Percy Jackson Follow up Casts Its Fates

Three more to sail Ocean Of Monsters Last we heard, the follow up to Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Crook was tentatively going ahead but had nobody yet attached (bar the already contracted leads). It is now forging ahead at full speed: Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Ocean Of Monstershas a director in Thor Freudenthal, plus some new cast people in Mary Birdsong, Yvette Nicole Brown and Missi Pyle.The trio is going to be playing the Fates, referred to as Moirai in Greek mythology, and accountable for birth, lifespan, and dying: Clotho spins the thread of existence, Lachesis allots how lengthy it's, and Atropos cuts it together with her terrible shears.Which actress is playing which fate is not obvious yet (if they are even being especially classified). Mary Birdsong formerly had small roles within the Descendents and Take advantage of Zombie's Halloween II Yvette Nicole Brown is better noted for playing Shirley Bennett in NBC's Community and Missi Pyle is most recognisable on her comedy roles (Universe Mission, Dodgeball, Along Came Polly), and seemed to be in something known as The Artist, which you might nearly have come across. Thor Freudenthal formerly directed Hotel For Dogs and also the first Diary Of The Wimpy Kid.Ocean Of Monsters, realistically in line with the second of Ron Riordan's number of Percy Jackson books, continues to be modified this time around by Scott Alexander and Ray Karaszewski (Agent Cody Banks, 1408), and sees Percy (Logan Lerman) and Annabeth (Alexandra Daddario) with an Argonautical mission to obtain the Golden Fleece and save Grover (Brandon T. Jackson).The film already includes a release date of March 26 the coming year, and begins shooting in April.

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The Forgiveness Of Blood, Around June, Tomorrow When The War Began: Specialty Box Office

It’s probably not a surprise on the indie front, but finance posed the biggest challenge for three of this weekend’s specialty releases. Despite an Oscar nomination and box office success with his first film, Joshua Marston’s followup The Forgiveness Of Blood managed to turn a resource challenge into a unique story that takes place in an isolated Balkans village. Around June writer-director James Sacova maximized his limited budget through passion, but also discovered having all the necessary permits didn’t guarantee smooth sailing. And Australian production Tomorrow When The War Began had a top-selling book series behind its big-screen ambitions, but getting the cash together was anything but a slam dunk. The Forgiveness Of Blood Director Joshua Marston Writers: Joshua Marston, Andamion Murataj Cast: Tristan Halilaj, Sindi Lacej, Refet Abazi, Ilire Vinca Celaj Distributor: Sundance Selects This is the second foreign-language film for American director Joshua Marston following the Oscar-nominated Maria Full Of Grace. Despite that film’s success, Marston and his producing partner ran into roadblocks getting another film project off the ground, but the idea of going for a story about blood feuds in Albania came along giving the two a creative opportunity. The story, which takes place in one of Europe’s poorest countries centering on a centuries old method for settling scores, was the best way to get the next project rolling because filming in the Balkan nation would be comparatively cheap. “We received $10,000 from Gottenburgh Film Festival and then did a research trip to Albania,” Marston told Deadline. “After that we got a couple of grants, and we decided we weren’t going to wait for the script to be in sixth draft before getting final financing.” European sales and film financing group Fandango Portobello came on board with resources, eventually giving Marston the final go ahead. Added Marston, “We were able to do this based on my first movie. Fandango Portobello took the leap of faith.” Marston said that going the low budget route with overseas backing was a “direct response to the system,” though he emphasized that he is interested in making mainstream movies. “For me the optimal thing would be to make something small that I can have totally freedom to explore with non-actors and is anthropological like Maria Full Of Grace and The Forgiveness Of Blood. But I’m also glad to work with a Fox Searchlight for instance that will be at a studio level. The pace at the studio system is that you can alternate with other projects that will come together more quickly.” Around June Director: James Savoca Writers: James Savoca, Linne Ha Distributor: Indican Certainly something most independent filmmakers can relate to, Around June producer/director worked with limited resources but supplemented that with crew altruism. Actors worked on a “SAG modified budget” of only $1,000 per week and some night scenes had to be eliminated in order to cut lighting costs. The 20 day shoot for the love story set in the shadow of San Francisco’s shipyards was made for $200,000. “It wasn’t about the payday, it’s about working on something you believe in,” Sacova told Deadline. But money was not the only challenge that confronted the project. The production found an ideal location to shoot the majority of its scenes, but on the first day of production, the city started tearing up the street outside. “We had permits too, but they were there the whole 20 days we were shooting,” said Savoca. “I’d have someone go and tell them to go back to drilling when I said ‘cut,’ but other times they just did what they wanted. So eventually we just improvised how to deal with it. It wasn’t something you can control. This wasn’t a big Hollywood production so we couldn’t just say ‘stop’.” Indican VP of Marketing Randolph Kret said the film’s stars including Jon Gries (Napoleon Dynamite), Brad William Henke (Me And You And Everyone You Know) and Samaire Armstrong (It’s A Boy Girl Thing) have gone out of their way to promote the film. “Part of our challenge is how to stand out in this sea of $30 million marketing budgets,” said Kret. “This is that quirky gem that needs to be finessed that can stand out and be on DVD, TV for years to come.” Tomorrow When The War Began Director: Stuart Beattie Writers: John Marsden (novel), Stuart Beattie Cast: Caitlin Stasey, Rachel Hurd-Wood and Lincoln Lewis Distributor: Freestyle Releasing The first in a series of seven young adult novels revolving around invasions of the writer’s native Australia, Tomorrow When The War Began is the film version based on the first book by John Marsden, a former school teacher. Though the novels proved very popular at home, producer Christopher Mapp noted the customary challenge of finding financing for the film. Paramount Australia eventually came along with Mapp’s Omnilab Media stepping in with financing and the film finally made its way to the top of the Australian box office when it debuted in theaters in 2010. “We’re now in development for a sequel to Tomorrow When The War Began based on books two and three in the series,” Mapp told Deadline. “The sequel be slightly grittier since the audience for the first movie will have aged a bit.” For its U.S. release this weekend, Freestyle Releasing’s Peter Graves noted the challenge raising awareness for a series that didn’t have the timing momentum of a high-profile book release to carry it into the forefront of audience attention, but the distributor will use Facebook to nurture attention and carefully grow the audience for the series itself. “We’ve test screened the film and it plays well to the 18 and under crowd and it does play well for an older audience too.”

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Aimee Teegarden Lands Lead Role in CW's The Choice

Art mimics existence once the Partridge Family star Shirley Johnson guest-stars like a sitcom actress on Victorious. Within an approaching episode, Tori (Victoria Justice), Cat (Ariana Grande) and Jade (Elizabeth GIllies) visit North Park to pay for their respects whenever a classic TV star dies. However the women soon uncover that Mona (Johnson) is greatly alive - and starring on the new show known as The Dead. Find Out More > Other Links From TVGuide.com The Partridge FamilyShirley JonesVictoria JusticeVictoriousAriana GrandeElizabeth Gillies

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Del Toro Producing Day Of The Dead

Guillermo's shepherding another 'toonBecause he's clearly decided that things like sleeping are for the weak, Guillermo del Toro has added yet another project to his sprawling workload. This one, however, he won't directly write or direct, but merely produce, as he sets up to oversee Day Of The Dead.No, it's not a Romero remake: it's being co-written and directed by Jorge R Gutierrez, who has cooked up a Romeo And Juliet-style story that will take place against the backdrop of the Mexican holiday known as Dia de los Muertos.Celebrated between the first and second of November, the holiday honours the deceased, with festivals, parades, prayers and offerings of food.Gutierrez, who has penned the script with Doug Langdale, will conjure the film up in CG via Mexican company Reel FX. It'll be a heavily musical film and the del Toro and co are looking to get international artists to contribute.All being well, Day Of The Dead should be ready for release in late 2014. Del Toro, meanwhile, is already busy making massive monster adventure film Pacific Rim, which will hit our shores in 2013.

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Divorce Claims Man's Star Trek Apartment

Tony Alleyne and his "Star Trek" theme apartment One man boldly went where interior decorating had never gone before - until divorce snatched it all away from him.After separating from his wife, Georgina, in 1994, British DJ/die-hard Trekkie Tony Alleyne spent 10 years and $150,000 transforming his apartment into a replica of the interior of Star Trek's U.S.S. Voyager - but he must tear it all down now that his wife has filed for divorce. The apartment was actually in her name and Georgina, who had been paying the mortgage, wants to sell the place as a conventional property, she tells The Sun.Watch clips from Star Trek"To say I'm gutted is an understatement," Alleyne tells the paper. "It is my life's work - and it looks like it's going into a skip. I admit there were tears."Lesson of the day: Never build something in or on a property you don't own.Click here to check out the geekiest man cave ever before it beams up.

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Handley joins indie 'Channeling'

Taylor Handley has joined the cast of indie thriller "Channeling" opposite Dominic Devore, Kate French, Skyler Day and Christian Camargo. Project's produced by Laila Ansari, Gerry Santos and Drew Thomas with Thomas directing from his own script. Shooting started in Los Angeles earlier this month. "Channeling" centers characters who seek validation by broadcasting their lives to as big an audience as possible Handley just wrapped Curtis Hanson's "Of Men and Mavericks" and the lead in sci-fi thriller "Mentryville." He was last seen in "Skateland" with Ashley Greene and Shiloh Fernandez, and "Battle: Los Angeles." Handley's repped by Paradigm and Booh Schut Co. Contact Dave McNary at dave.mcnary@variety.com

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

U.K. honours for National fare

The Nation's Theater emerged triumphant in the U.K.'s Critic's Circle Drama Honours, taking five of nine available nods. Inside a show of strength, the venue's haul was spread across four productions. Benedict Cumberbatch required the actor kudo for Danny Boyle's manufacture of "Frankenstein," that also received the look jerk for set designer Mark Tildesley. Richard Bean's Gotham-bound "One Guy, Two Guvnors" won for brand new play, while Mike Leigh required the director trophy for their own play "Grief," and also the Peter Hepple Award for musical visited experimental tuner "London Road," by Alecky Blythe and Adam Cork. Remaining four honours reflected the diversity based in london theater, with spoils split between commercial, not-for-profit and fringe venues. Sheridan Cruz, champion of the 2011 Olivier on her perf in "Legally Blonde," nabbed an award on her highly recognized submit Trevor Nunn's Theater Royal Haymarket revival of Terence Rattigan's "Flare Path." Eddie Redmayne acquired the John and Wendy Trewin Award for Shakespearean perf for "Richard II" in the Donmar Warehouse. Within the new talent groups, the promising playwright laurel visited Tom Wells for "Your Kitchen Sink" in the Rose bush Theater, and also the Jack Mess Award for promising newcomer visited helmer Blanche McIntyre on her productions of "Accolade" and "Foxfinder" in the Finborough Theater. Contact David Benedict at benedictdavid@mac.com

Bruised not damaged

Kate Beckinsale and Clint Culpepper survive the vampire invasion. Michael Ealy and India Eisley Producers Len Wiseman and Gary Lucchesi "She's back!" excited Clint Culpepper at Thursday's preem of "Underworld Awakening."The Screen Gems topper designated the "equally gifted and pretty" star from the 4th franchise installment, Kate Beckinsale, who was tall among a packed Grauman's Chinese Theater.In the Moving Stone Lounge after-party, Beckinsale loved some privacy within the venue's Very important personel section, where co-star Theo James also was seen milling around.Beckinsale said around the attention she will get from male fans, saying, "Whenever a guy pops up in my experience and states, 'Oh my God, I am this type of fan,' I understand he will say for 'Serendipity.'"And that is with the effort I have made," Beckinsale added, mentioning to her skin-tight wardrobe within the "Underworld" series.Regarding her stunts, Beckinsale stated she "did not break anything, only a couple of bruises." But she did admit to worrying concerning the possibility: "It certainly crosses the mind.Inch Contact Andrew Stewart at andrew.stewart@variety.com

Casting Company company directors Named for completely new CW, NBC, CBS, ABC Aircraft aircraft pilots

Casting Company company directors Named for completely new CW, NBC, CBS, ABC Aircraft aircraft pilots By Pete Keeley The month of the month of january 23, 2012 CBS's 1987 series "Beauty as well as the Animal" Mark Saks will cast the initial NYbased pilot in the 2012 season, CBS's "Elementary," a modern day undertake the An Online Detective mysteries occur NY City.Another modern to experience a vintage, NBC's "Don' Harm," a Jekyll-and-Hyde retelling concentrating on a neurosurgeon who evolves an immunity for the drug he uses to keep his destructive alter ego in check. Liz Dean at Ulrich/Dawson/Kritzer is casting this project.Speaking about animal mode, The CW's new "Beauty as well as the Animal" also signed a casting team, Sari Dark evening and Mandy Sherman. This show doesn't vary from Disney version, but is founded on the eighties series starring Ron Perlman just like a lion-guy who lives in the secret undercover world and falls with an assistant NY D.A. That relate really was pretty awesome, so here's wanting that certain is just too.One more pickup within the TV-casting machine that's Ulrich/Dawson/Kritzer is NBC's Western drama "Frontier," which concentrates on a wagon train that sets from Missouri inside the mid 1800s. Eric Dawson will run point on that certain.Finally, ABC's comedy pilot "Counter Culture" will probably be cast by Jill Anthony. The pilot, with various book by Candace Taylor, follows three brothers and sisters running a diner in Texas. Clearly, their personas are wonderful fits, and so they accept everything in history. Wait, no. Scratch that last part.Back Stage wasn't capable of confirm shooting agendas for that above projects. Casting Company company directors Named for completely new CW, NBC, CBS, ABC Aircraft aircraft pilots By Pete Keeley The month of the month of january 23, 2012 CBS's 1987 series "Beauty as well as the Animal" Mark Saks will cast the initial NYbased pilot in the 2012 season, CBS's "Elementary," a modern day undertake the An Online Detective mysteries occur NY City.Another modern to experience a vintage, NBC's "Don' Harm," a Jekyll-and-Hyde retelling concentrating on a neurosurgeon who evolves an immunity for the drug he uses to keep his destructive alter ego in check. Liz Dean at Ulrich/Dawson/Kritzer is casting this project.Speaking about animal mode, The CW's new "Beauty as well as the Animal" also signed a casting team, Sari Dark evening and Mandy Sherman. This show doesn't vary from Disney version, but is founded on the eighties series starring Ron Perlman just like a lion-guy who lives in the secret undercover world and falls with an assistant NY D.A. That relate really was pretty awesome, so here's wanting that certain is just too.One more pickup within the TV-casting machine that's Ulrich/Dawson/Kritzer is NBC's Western drama "Frontier," which concentrates on a wagon train that sets from Missouri inside the mid 1800s. Eric Dawson will run point on that certain.Finally, ABC's comedy pilot "Counter Culture" will probably be cast by Jill Anthony. The pilot, with various book by Candace Taylor, follows three brothers and sisters running a diner in Texas. Clearly, their personas are wonderful fits, and so they accept everything constantly. Wait, no. Scratch that last part.Back Stage wasn't capable of confirm shooting agendas for these projects.

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'Your Sister's Sister' to start Dallas fest

The Dallas Worldwide Film Festival, the nation's greatest, features it'll open with "Your Sister's Sister" inside a May 17. Pic marks the initial in your town-produced and shot film to start the fest within the 38-year history. Directed by Lynn Shelton, among Variety's 10 company company directors to check out, "Your Sister's Sister" involves three youthful people carrying out a drunken evening inside a remote cabin inside the United States. IFC Films acquired the pic after its Toronto premiere. "Lynn Shelton constitutes a pitch-perfect comedy of errors, inserted while using right balance of humor and pathos that we love,Inch mentioned SIFF artistic director Carl Spence. The film may even screen at Sundance, where Shelton's film "Humpday" examined last year. "It's been wonderful to witness the evolution of Lynn Shelton's career," Washington Filmworks professional director Amy Lillard mentioned. "Lynn reflects the creative genius, commitment and passion define Washington filmmaking." Fest runs May 17 to June 10. Contact the number newsroom at news@variety.com

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Yahoo offers Sundance shorts

Yahoo is busting into Sundance in the go to make the most of our prime-profile fest, offering utilization of nine short films on Sundance.yahoo.com and enabling audiences to election for favorite. The business, that's been seeking strongly to enhance its profile in original content, mentioned Thursday that beginning today through Jan. 27, Yahoo Screen will host a range of shorts premiering at Sundance and selected in close collaboration while using festival. Yahoo can have the winning filmmaker in the inaugural Yahoo Audience Award with $5,000. The winning film will also be presented prominent positioning on Yahoo, and many types of will remain accessible on Yahoo Screen for six additional days. Yahoo mentioned its Yahoo Movies can be a top destination online for movie fans, exceeding 26 million clients monthly. Its omg! is among the-visited celebrity news sites. "Yahoo might be the house for major entertainment occasions online, which year we're getting film buffs around to one of the world's most important film festivals," mentioned Mickie Rosen, senior V . p . of Yahoo Media Network."The very best filmmakers started their careers developing short films, now our audience has got the chance to choose what's the following large title inside the film industry," she mentioned. The movies include "'92 Skybox Alonzo Mourning Rookie Card," "Aquadettes," "The Arm," "Debutante Potential predators," "Dol," "Henley," "Extended Distance Information," "Odysseus' Gambit" and "Una Hora por Favora." Contact the number newsroom at news@variety.com

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tonys set June date

The Tony Awards have been skedded for June 10 at Gotham's Beacon Theater. Frequent Tony collaborators Ricky Kirshner and Glenn Weiss of White Cherry Entertainment return to produce the ceremony that will air live on CBS, the net that has broadcast the legit kudofest since 1978. The American Theater Wing and the Broadway League, the two orgs that present the Tonys, also have locked in the season's eligibility cutoff for April 26. The final week of April is already packed with last-minute Rialto openings (for shows including "Rebecca," "Ghost" and "Nice Work if You Can Get It"), with further under-the-wire additions still a possibility. This is the second year that the Tonys will be held at the Beacon, to which the ceremony shifted last year when Cirque du Soleil took over Radio City Music Hall. Contact Gordon Cox at gordon.cox@variety.com

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tragedy, Transformation and Troubled Couples: What to Expect From One Tree Hill's Last Season

Austin Nichols, Sophia Bush While One Tree Hill may be known for soapy plotlines mixed in with a few psycho killers (RIP, Nanny Carrie), the heart of the series has always been the relationships. As the show embarks on its ninth and final season, we were on the set with the cast as they warned that it's definitely not all rainbows and butterflies for the core couples. From Nathan's absence to an accident involving one of Brooke and Julian's babies, see what to expect when One Tree Hill returns (Wednesday, 8/7c, The CW). Nathan and Haley: When the show picks up, Haley is back to being a working mom now that she and Brooke have reopened Karen's Café. But as Bethany Joy Galeotti tells us, things quickly unravel from her "very glam, small-town entrepreneurial mom life." The cast of One Tree Hill shares their all-time favorite episodes "Nathan is away, so that's taking a huge toll on their relationship," Galeotti says. Galeotti explains that she wonders who she is without her husband and how to keep him in her life while he's gone. As the preview shows, Nathan's absence proves to be serious, but the actress assures us she's content with how Haley's journey ends. "I'm happy with Haley, what she's been through and where she's come. After seeing her whole journey, to have been there through everything and know that home is still home, I think it's a good ending." Brooke and Julian: Brooke has certainly had it rough - romantically and physically (barely escaping death when she was attacked three seasons ago). But she finally met and married her true love, Julian. Although the couple is solid as ever, Sophia Bush says they're rattled to the core by an accident involving one of their twin newborns. "Sometimes it's just one little cog that gets off in the wheel and your life falls apart," she says. Austin Nichols, who plays Julian, adds: "[The] accident could happen with any parent. Julian puts a lot of blame on himself for this." Even though it's hard to imagine putting Brooke through another tragedy, Bush says if her character was coasting, it would be boring and somewhat unrealistic. "No matter how together you are, no matter how professional you are, and no matter how many good things happen, we've all been through things that are almost unspeakable," she says. "It's important for me to have played someone who is flawed and who has been hurt and who has been betrayed, even though she's a great person." Which One Tree Hill character undergoes a life-changing transformation in the final season? Clay and Quinn: As Rob Buckley, who plays Clay, told us: "Have we ever seen Clay not have issues?" So the couple is about to hit their roughest patch yet. "You're going to get a good chance to see if we got what it takes to go the distance," Buckley says. Shantel vanSanten, who plays Quinn, adds: "This season really tests Clay and [Quinn's] relationship and not in a way that we're in comas or it's life-threatening, but it really tests the strength of our love for another and the foundation that we started our relationship from." If Clay and Quinn do outlast their impending turmoil, vanSanten says she doesn't necessarily believe a wedding is in the offing. "I don't know if I want us to get married. I want us to be quirky and unconventional ... and I think that if we make it through, there is a place where forever exists for them." Chase, Alex ... and Chris Keller: With Chase back from Air Force basic training, he and Alex are rekindling their long-distance romance, until one of them gets cold feet. "They're both about to take some big steps in their lives ... and then maybe someone being a little reluctant," Stephen Colletti says. "Alex will go away for a little while ... so you'll see Chase having to deal with the absence of Alex." But, luckily, there's one singleton in town for him to hang with - Chris Keller, who returns to One Tree Hill after a long absence. "We totally bromance out," Tyler Hilton jokes about the friendship between Chris and Chase. "He never has guy friends and he just thinks Chase is the coolest, which is hilarious ... but he's still ornery as all hell." Mouth and Millicent: Perhaps the cutest, most endearing couple in Tree Hill,they'll be hit with some major hardships this season. "Mouth has undergone a physical transformation," Lee Norris tells us. "[He's] clearly going through something and it's going to affect [Millicent] so I'd say you'll see a bit of both ups and downs." But Norris did make sure to tell us that although he can't say which pair has this season's wedding, "Mouth and Millicent will both find happiness." And what about the couple's new morning show? Still going strong in the final episode. "I was filming [Mouth's last] scene, a broadcast with their TV show, and after I got a little choked-up," Norris says. "I thought this ties the ribbon for me on the whole experience."