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'American Pie's' Natasha Lyonne Makes Praise for Portrayal of Mental Patient on 'Law & Order: SVU' (Video)

American Cake star Natasha Lyonne hit the small screen Wednesday evening in NBC's Law & Order: SVU.our editor recommends'American Reunion' Red-colored-colored Band Trailer Finds New Techniques to Obscure Jason Biggs' Privates'American Reunion' Photo Montage Returns Old Recollections (Video)'Chuck' Star Vik Sahay Joins 'American Reunion' Cast (Exclusive)Thomas Ian Nicholas Accepts Invitation to 'American Reunion' The actress -- who returns for the silver screen inside the fourth American Cake film, American Reunion, next season -- carried out an alleged rape victim who switched that need considering someone in the mental hospital. Another patient claims he observed the incident, however, if confront Detectives Benson (Mariska Hargitay) and Rollins (Kelli Giddish), she declines are actually assaulted. [Watch a clip below.] 'American Reunion' Full Trailer Hits the internet (Video) The guest-starring turn acquired the actress lots of praise within the audiences, who hit Twitter to discuss their opinions. Written a Twitter user named Strokefest: "Let's you need to all the honours and supply those to Natasha Lyonne. #svu" Jen Rabulan-Bertram also chimed in: "Natasha Lyonne on tonight's @nbcsvu is riveting. She plays cray cray oh so well." Added Craig Dale Manley: "Natasha Lyonne is wicked in SVU tonight." STORY: Who Got Paid out What for your 'American Cake' Reunion And Imani Mosley tweeted: "Not always feeling tonight's air but my girl Natasha Lyonne is KILLING it. #lawandorder" It marks an about-face for your actress from only a few years back, when reviews made an appearance they was destitute and was make the hospital with serious health issues. In those days, the actress was mentioned being battling with hepatitis C, a heart infection together with a flattened lung in addition to dealing with methadone treatment, that's typically accustomed to help heroin clients. She also provides stood a spate of legal troubles, including being billed with Driving under the influence in 2001 she plead guilty to driving while impaired and was situated on probation combined together with her license suspended. She also provides needed part in the court-bought drug program. STORY: Chris Klein Unveils 5 Plot Secrets Within the 'American Reunion' Set Lyonne was arrested again in 2006 for allegedly threatening to sexually abuse a neighbor's dog, nevertheless the charges were overlooked and he or she was sentenced with a conditional discharge. Meanwhile, fellow actor Michael Rapaport mentioned in 2005 he was expected to evict her from the condo he was leasing to her because she trashed the region and held a great deal recently-evening parties. Lyonne, who came out inside the initial few American Cake movies together with other films including Detroit Rock City and Edge: Trinity, reprises her role as Jessica in American Reunion, that's searching for an April 6 release. The film uncover the initial stars dealing with existence inside their thirties. Along with Lyonne, Jason Biggs, Alyson Hannigan, Sean William Scott, Shannon Elizabeth, Tara Reid, Eugene Levy, Chris Klein, Eddie Kaye Thomas and Mena Suvari will be ready to reprise their roles. SVU airs at 10 p.m. Wednesdays on NBC. Mariska Hargitay Natasha Lyonne American Reunion Law & Order: SVU

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Occupy Protesters Go back to Zuccotti Park After Judge Orders Eviction

Protestors on Occupy Wall Street experienced more obstacles on Tuesday, November. 15 when police raided Zuccotti Park in early hrs before beginning. Protestors were kicked out in the park and removed of the camping equipment following a judge ruled in support of NY City and park owner Brookfield Office Qualities Corporation. Roughly 200 protestors were arrested.our editor recommendsMedia Stored at Distance as NY Police Obvious Occupy Wall Street EncampmentHow Music Is Playing an important Role within the Occupy Wall Street ProtestsJay-Zs Occupy Wall Street T-T shirts Removed After Critique PHOTOS: The Scene at Occupy Wall Street Later on that day, the 2 parties faced off against Occupy Wall Street Reps within the court docket. Top Court Justice Michael Stallman ultimately on the sides using the city, ruling that camping around the block wasn't freedom of expression protected through the First Amendment, though protestors could go back to the park without their tents along with other equipment, reviews the Wall Street Journal. The park continued to be closed through a lot of the day, with 100s of protestors waiting for the judge's decision outdoors a barricaded area yet others staging an impromptu rally nearby, which led to several additional busts. PHOTOS: 'Occupy Wall Street Hollywood': Artists on Scene of Protests Meanwhile, roughly 100 people from the Occupy LA movement broke using their primary encampment to march via a downtown street and show oneness using their NY counterpart. There have been no busts or utilization of pressure. Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg held a news conference that mid-day, by which he expressed concern within the healthy and safety conditions around the block, based on the NY Occasions. PHOTOS: The Scene at Occupy La "NY City may be the city where one can come and express yourself," he stated. "That which was happening in Zuccotti Park wasn't that." The park was reopened shortly at night, permitting protestors revisit their movement in one file line. Based on a publish on, NYPD are presently taking up Liberty Square with unclear demands. Related Subjects Occupy

Stor Fisk's 'Fungi' goes Awol

BARCELONA -- Stor Fisk has licensed most worldwide sales rights on toon series "Fungi" to Julie Fox's Paris-based Awol Animation. Mango Distribution, that's co-possessed with the Philippines' Top Draw Animation and Australia's Sticky Pictures, is selling Australia, Nz and Asia, outdoors Japan. Awol will handle Europe, U.S. and Latin America. A Barcelona-based pre-school and kids toon studio, Stor Fisk is creating "Fungi" with Catalan pubcaster TV3 and Top Draw. First program sales to Latin America and Germany will be in the entire shebang, mentioned Stor Fisk's Pablo Jordi. Directed by SF partners Jordi and Veronica Lassenius, the 26-seg "Fungi" narrates the mystery-fixing adventures of two kids -- Max, a music artist, as well as the imaginative Frida. Each of them live at Fungihouse, an ebullient community of Undergrounders, where everybody uses fungi -- truffles -- for food, clothing, medicine in addition to hats. Specific at 4-8s, "Fungi" mixes fantasy with realism together with a Scandinavian style -- Lassenius can be a Finn Jordi acknowledged the influence of Scandinavian picture books -- getting a cosmopolitan air. One family's accents change from American to British to Scandinavian. "This mix is original, but quite realistic. 'Fungi' is occur an illusion setting but offers realistic situations," Jordi told Variety. First full episodes will probably be ready by next February. A flagship toon production from Catalonia, "Fungi" is removed energetic condition financing inside the North-east The the spanish language language region from both pubcaster TV3 as well as the ICIC Catalan Institute of Cultural Industries, mentioned Jordi. TV3 plows about 3 million ($4.millions of) every year into local animation production yearly. It's co-creating 24 productions, mentioned TV3 animation co-producer Oriol Sala Patau. Five Catalan TV toon projects examined at September's Cartoon Forum: "Funghi," "The Mint Fairy," "Perfect Teeth," "Evening Breeds" and "Wilbur Willmore." "Fungi" has attracted lower a reason from Spain's ICAA The the spanish language language Film Institute, plus development gold gold coin within the EU's Media Program. Contact the number newsroom at

U + Me = Reunion? MTV's Fake Boy Band 2gether Planning Comeback

2gether The hardest part of breaking up is ... finding the right time to reunite? MTV's fake boy band 2gether is hoping to reunite for a documentary parody, TMZ reports. Alex Solowitz aka Mickey Parke aka the "bad boy" of the group tells the site that he and the remaining members of 2gether want to film a faux documentary chronicling the band's reunion and work on a new song. Michael Cuccione, who played QT, died in 2001 after a long battle with cancer, but Solowitz tells TMZ a major amount of the proceeds from the project would go to Cuccione's foundation. Catch up on today's latest news 2gether was MTV's first original TV movie when it premiered in 2000, and was turned into a TV series soon after. Although fake, the band released albums, toured with Britney Spears and had notable hits including "U + Me = Us (Calculus)," "Say It (Don't Spray It)" and "The Hardest Part of Breaking Up (Is Getting Back Your Stuff"). According to Solowitz, the next step is getting MTV and 2gether's creators to sign off on the project. "Ok, here's the plan I need everybody, all of you to tell everyone about this. We need this to go insanely viral so MTV can't turn us down," Solowitz wrote on his Facebook page. "You all have done an amazing job of blowing this up, let's take it to the next level!" Do you want 2gether to get back, well, together?

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Herman Cain is Subject of Another Gloria Allred Press Conference (VIDEO)

The first kind boyfriend of Sharon Bialek, the very first lady to openly state that she was groped by presidential candidate Herman Cain, was by attorney Gloria Allred throughout a press conference Monday to aid the accusations.our editor recommendsFox News to Air Gloria Cain Protecting Husband Herman in First Public Interview (Video)Clint Eastwood Praises Herman Cain and Chris ChristieHerman Cain's Accusers Might Join ForcesHerman Cain Faces Reporters on Live TV and Concurs to Lie Detector Test (Video) PHOTOS: 10 Hollywood Gamers Which Will Really make a difference within the 2012 Elections Victor Zuckerman, a doctor who dated Bialek within the the nineteen nineties when she labored for that National Restaurant Association much more it had been headed by Cain, stated that Bialek told him in those days of the incident where Cain touched her wrongly after getting dinner with him. Bialek asserted inside a press conference of her very own that they was release from her NRA job and she or he arrived at to Cain to ascertain if he'd help her get reinstated. Since that time, her credibility continues to be known as into question through the Cain campaign, which published several cases of legal cases and bankruptcy she's been associated with. On Monday, Zuckerman revealed he'd also declared personal bankruptcy once. VIDEO: Herman Cain Sexual Harassment Scandal Detailed at Press Conference Bialek stated she traveled from her home in Chicago to go to Cain in Washington in 1997 to discuss her job, that is when he arrived at under her skirt and forced her mind toward his crotch. "I'm able to confirm when she came back, she was upset," Zuckerman stated at his press conference in Shrevesport, La., where he read from prepared remarks. "She stated something had happened, which Mr. Cain had touched her within an inappropriate manner. She stated she handled and didn't wish to discuss it further." (Video is below). VIDEO: Herman Cain Faces Reporters on Live TV and Concurs to Lie Detector Test Zuckerman stated he dated Bialek while she was dealing with the divorce as well as their partnership ended a couple of several weeks following the alleged incident with Cain. He stated it had been his idea on her to set up a trip with Cain after she lost her job, which he even taken care of her accommodation. Bialek stated in her own earlier press conference that Cain had upgraded her to some suite. This news conferences including Cain's alleged sexual bad behavior nearly 2 decades ago are clearly less interesting towards the media and also the public in particular compared to what they have been just the other day when Allred's press event with Bialek would be a top story at cable news channels. In comparison, articles Monday at was headlined: "Gloria Allred's Latest Press Conference Is Proof The Herman Cain Scandal Is Dead." PHOTOS: Dems and Republicans' Favorite Movies Journalists on Monday requested Allred if she was planning further such reports. "We're not revealing what our future actions might be," she stated. Allred has stated formerly that she'd like her client Bialek to become listed on with another accuser, Karen Kraushaar, for any joint press conference, although it has not yet been arranged. Meanwhile, Cain's wife is placed to protect her husband throughout a job interview with Greta Van Susteren around the Fox News Funnel tonight. thetimes on Broadcast Live Free Related Subjects Fox News Funnel Greta Van Susteren Politics Herman Cain

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Weekend Receipts: Immortals Sends Jack and Jill Downhill to # 2 Slot

Even though it didn’t quite slay Jack and Jill within the box office — an even more resounding spanking might’ve restored my belief in humanity, however, many, lots of people still showed up in this area for your Adam Sandler twinsies comedy — Tarsem’s fantasy actioner Immortals exceeded anticipation visiting some surprising $32 million # 1 opening, the most effective ever debut for studio Relativity Media. Also: Puss in Boots and Tower Heist ongoing to slide lower the ranks, with J. Edgar developing a decent go of items to accomplish the most effective 5. Participate in for that Weekend Receipts! 1. Immortals Gross: $32,000,000 (new) Screens: 3,112 (PSA $10,283) Days: 1 Bloggers had Tarsem’s bloody spin on Greek mythology known as to obtain behind the twin star energy of Adam Sandler playing opposite themselves, but surprise! Immortals shot to Number One at first, due to a mostly youthful crowd together with a marketing campaign that invoked the title of 300, Zack Snyder’s stylized period ab-fest. The auspicious opening is a superb sign for future Superman Henry Cavill, who makes his action debut since the sword-swinging, sandal-wearing Theseus. 2. Jack and Jill Gross: $26,000,000 (new) Screens: 3,438 (PSA $7,563) Days: 1 It could arrived a smidge beneath the $Thirty Dollars million opening range conventional an Adam Sandler movie, but $26 million cost of ticket customers still examined a clip and ads and abysmal reviews for Jack and Jill and thought, “Gee, why not?” (Furthermore the fact it got a b -- rating within the under-18 segment in the asked audience.) I be sad for humanity. Now when was Adam Sandler just prone to completely quit making Re-Do, already? 3. Puss in Boots Gross: $25,500,000 ($108,809,000) Screens: 3,903 (PSA $6,533) Days: 3 (Change: -22.9%) The Shrek spin-off broke $100 million domestic now, showing some endurance within the third week of release. Guess meaning Puss in Boots 2 announcement arrives every single day, right? 4. Tower Heist Gross: $13,200,000 ($43,900,000) Screens: 3,370 (PSA $3,917) Days: 2 (Change: -45.1%) Give Tower Heist another day or two plus it’ll fade out of your collective memory, such as this fever dream many of us had where Brett Ratner was pointing the Oscars. '! As if. 5. J. Edgar Gross: $11,470,000 (new) Screens: 1,910 (PSA $6,005) Days: 1 Clint Eastwood’s would-be Oscar heavyweight shrank in stature now due to mixed compares the great Academy awards giant of the year it ain’t. Even combined, the prestige sheen in the biopic and star energy of Leonardo diCaprio (in some guy makeup! Making eyes at Armie Hammer! Speaking getting an interesting accent!) couldn’t even buoy J. Edgar to fit the opening levels of Hereafter, which only agreed to become a film about Matt Damon seeing dead people. Follow Jen Yamato on Twitter. Follow Movieline on Twitter.

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West End dons 'Top Hat'

The stage version of Irving Berlin's Astaire-Rodgers movie tuner "Top Hat" will open at London's Aldwych theater, beginning previews Apr. 19 ahead of a May 9 press night.Based on the RKO motion picture and presented by arrangement with RKO Pictures LLC, Warner Bros. Theater Ventures and the Irving Berlin Music Company, the tuner is helmed by Matthew White who, together with Howard Jacques, has also adapted the original screenplay by Dwight Taylor and Allan Scott. Choreographed by Bill Deamer with sets by OIivier-winner Hildegard Bechtler, costumes by Jon Morrell and lighting by Peter Mumford, the production stars Tom Chambers and Summer Strallen alongside a supporting cast of 29 and a live band of 15.The arrival of "Top Hat" increases the already tough West End competish for audiences for retro-styled tuners. The hit Regent's Park Open Air Theater revival of the Gershwins' back-catalog show "Crazy For You" has already transferred to the Novello Theater on the same block as the Aldwych. Meanwhile, the Chichester Festival Theater SRO revival of "Singin' in the Rain" begins previews at the Palace Feb. 4. Billed as "a new musical comedy," "Top Hat" has already played a 17-week U.K. tour and features additional Irving Berlin classics including "Let's Face the Music and Dance" and "I'm Putting All My Eggs in One Basket." Contact David Benedict at

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'Snow White-colored As Well As The Huntsman' Trailer: Charlize Theron Will Eat Your Heart Out

FROM HOLLYWOOD CRUSH: Mirror, mirror round the wall, which "Snow White-colored" movie might be the best famous them? It's still too soon to resolve that question, possibly, but "Snow White-colored as well as the Huntsman" certainly gets the advantage at this time around due to its lately released trailer! The initial official "Snow White-colored as well as the Huntsman" trailer turned up online today because of Apple, gifting fans utilizing their best look yet at what director Rupert Sanders has readily available for his mythic starring "Twilight" sensation Christian Serratos, "Thor" star Chris Hemsworth and "Monster" Oscar champion Charlize Theron. Clearly, that "Our god in the Rings" vibe that was guaranteed is most certainly displayed here. See the full story at Hollywood Crush.

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Brett Ratner: Just what the Marketplace Is Saying

On Tuesday, since the Hollywood Reporter first reported, Brett Ratner introduced he was walking lower as producer in the Oscars after his usage of a homophobic slur.our editor recommendsBrian Grazer Is Top Choice to Replace Ratner as Oscar Producer (Exclusive)Brett Ratner Spoofed by 'Happy Endings' Actor for Funny or Die (Video)Brett Ratner, Allan Carr as well as the Home That Unites the Disgraced Oscar ProducersBrett Ratner's Oscar Exit Sparks Passionate Reactions Across the WebBrett Ratner and Olivia Munn in Strange Feud Over X-Rated Claim PHOTOS: Hollywood's Memorable Mea Culpas "It absolutely was a dumb approach to showing myself," he mentioned in the statement. "Everyone who knows me sees that I don't have a very prejudiced bone throughout my body system. But just like a storyteller I will are actually much more thoughtful in regards to the energy of language and my choice of words. PHOTOS: Hollywood's Finest Blunders Academy leader Tom Sherak also launched comment Tuesday evening, saying, ""He did the very best factor for your Academy too for themselves." Adding, "Brett is a superb person, but his comments were unacceptable." Ratner happen to be named since the producer in the 2012 Academy awards show, but he's been under fire to create a quantity of ill-judged remarks in recent days, includingsaying "testing is ideal for fags"anddiscussing his sex lifewithHoward Stern.Ratner ongoing Stern's radio show Monday one of the growing debate over his first remark made at Hollywood's ArcLight theater Friday evening. More youthful crowd spoken in regards to a partnership with actress Olivia Munn throughout his Tower Heist press tour. But, because they may have removed themselves within the Oscar's equation, his comments have created a larger conversation in regards to the attitude of both industry as well as the academy towards using prejudiced language. PHOTOS: Oscar Show Moments "Not receiving him accountable for the Oscars doesn't need to be about hands-wringing, jewel-clutching, in addition to gasping in shock," produces NPR's Linda Holmes. STORY: Brett Ratner's 10 Offensive Quotes That Brought to Oscar Trouble "It must be finished with a dispassionate shrug. "We aren't hunting for a producer using this vision from the products public behavior should certainly appear like, because the Oscars telecast is really a that isn't consistent with that." It doesn't have to be a scandal. It's simple expected final results. This is because choosing to acquire attention with swaggering insults specific at people you think others independently think it's awesome and funny to insult. It makes sense you are able to't function as producer from the demonstrate that is dependent around the goodwill and participation of people same people." VIDEOS: The Finest Not successful Jokes within the Academy awards "Probably the Academy of Movies Arts and Sciences thinks it's inoculated itself against connection with homophobia, but we'd request, they've forgotten "Delirious," Mr. Murphy's infamously scabrous rant against everything gay?" produces the NY Occasions' Media Decoder blog. "Without any, we're not really posting a clip, thanks.Mister. Ratner, whose coarseness is legendary, seems positively refined in comparison.In . Adding, "The Academy's quick retreat from Mr. Ratner -who was simply being relied onto assemble the celebs, functions and movie lore behind the show- suggests it is now offering no film-oriented producerless than four monthsbefore the show together with a number who's hardly bulletproof if the involves charges of homophobia. Signal slippery slope." Actor Jeffery Self written for your Huffington Publish, "This is just what I have to tell Mr. Ratner:Maybe your bones aren't prejudiced, however, your mouth seems being, which's a substantial problem that you'll require assistance.I don't think you are in a position to say a factor such as this and expect us to disregard it. You don't achieve apologize for using word and developing a false statement about Olivia Munn inside the same breath. Saying you lied about Olivia Munn isn't delivering some hate within the producer in the Academy awards having a scared gay teen in Kentucky, nevertheless the other factor you mentioned is." "There's not only a extended, nuanced debate available relevant for this,In . opined Grantland blogger Mark Harris. "If he'd used an identical racial or religious slur, the discussion would go something such as, 'You're fired.' Apology or else. The identical rule is relevant here. You aren't getting a mulligan on homophobia. Not this season.In . "Well, that is pleasing, I'm not prone to lie," mentioned's Seth Abramovitch. "Brett Ratner-the egomaniacal representative who's a walking, breathing parody of techniques the earth generally perceives Hollywood people to appear and behave-will not be creating this years Oscars. What meaning for your fate ofEddie Murphyas host, who, let's tell the truth, was searching many a great deal a lot more like anan unmitigated disaster-to-be, expires up. Let's hope he's part of the exit package. He continues, "The primary reason, remarkably, isn't that everybody out of the blue clicked on for his or her senses and recognized that Ratner is certainly an intolerable hack who's been planning an Oscars telecast of roughly the identical sophistication level when you average Pirelli calendar shoot.Rather, Ratner themselves resigned inside the wake from the growing uproar around the comment he gained to have an L.A. audience who'd showed up at hear a Q&A about his new movie,Tower Heist." Adding, 'He's a perfect embodiment in the profound mediocrity and idea-vacuum the film market is becoming.Inch Related Subjects Brett Ratner Eddie Murphy Oscars Olivia Munn Oscars 2012 Honours Season Preview Tower Heist

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Attacking Youthful Boys Declines He Fathered A Youthful Child

First Launched: November 4, 2011 11:26 AM EDT Credit: Access Hollywood Caption Access Extended: Find Attacking Youthful Boys Beneath The MistletoeNY, N.Y. -- ustin Bieber has declined accusations he fathered a youthful child in the backstage bathroom and states he's never met the woman who filed the paternity suit against him. To produce the record straight, none of it's true, the teen heartthrob declared Friday within a short appearance on NBCs Today show. As mobs of fans screamed adoringly in Rockefeller Plaza, Bieber referred to as it crazy that anybody can make up this kind of story. I realize Im apt to be a target, but Im not really considered a victim, Bieber told Today host Matt Lauer. Its crazy, because each night following a show Ive gone from transpires with my vehicle. So its crazy that lots of people desire to make up such false accusations. The paternity suit was filed in Hillcrest Superior Court by Maria Yeater this year's week. She'd just switched 19 when she states she and Bieber, then 16, stood a brief sexual encounter after one of the entertainers concerts last fall at La Staples Center. She mentioned she shipped a boy within this summer time and thinks Bieber might be the daddy because there has been few other possible males she'd sex within individuals days. Asked for when they know Yeater, Bieber told Lauer, Never met the woman. Yeater is asking a judge for your kids together with a dna test. A hearing is scheduled for 12 ,. 15. Her lawyer has known to her just like a stay-at-home mother who's trying to find sufficient your kids in case your dna test determines Bieber might be the daddy. Bieber, 17, attracted what came out being hundreds of fans while he briefly spoken with Today hosts, pushing being heard within the earsplitting screams. Along with knocking lower gossips, Biebers appearance was apparently timed for the relieve a Christmas album. Its difficult to record a Christmas album in September, he mentioned. Bieber returns to Today for just about any live musical appearance on November. 23. Copyright 2011 with the Connected Press. All rights reserved. These elements is probably not launched, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

W2 Media to co-finance, distribute 'Bizarre'

W2 Media originates onto co-finance and distribute ''The Theatre Bizarre 2,'' a follow up to Severin Films and Mataluna Prods.' ''The Theater Bizarre'' horror anthology.Deal was introduced Friday in the American Film Market by W2 Media Boss John Flock.W2 Media is delivering ''The Theatre Bizarre'' theatrically within the U.S. in The month of january and intends to release the follow up in The month of january 2013. W2 Media can also be handling worldwide sales for photos.Severin and France's Metaluna co-created the initial, inspired by '''Theatre du Grand Guignol'' of Paris in early twentieth century and professional created by Daryl J. Tucker. Pic featured films by company directors Douglas Buck, Buddy Giovinazzo, David Gregory, Karim Hussain, Jeremy Kasten, Tom Savini and Richard Stanley.The initial creating team will even produce the follow up. W2 Media lately introduced an offer to co-finance and handle worldwide sales for ''The Drummer,'' starring Aaron Eckhart. Contact Dork McNary at

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A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas: Film Review

The minds behind A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas weren't kidding about that 3D in the title. Things come flying off the screen every few moments - a flaming Christmas tree, showers of glass, lawn ornaments, lots of eggs, pot smoke, exploding confetti and, look out, here comes the kitchen sink! The third installment of these mildly successful stoner comedies doesn't so much work off a screenplay as a checklist: Have we shown any spurting blood recently? Has a young child inadvertently dragged into the movie's misadventures ingested any new drug? When was the last racial joke? Let's not lament how yet another comedy series has gone off the rails because this one really hasn't. Once upon a time - that time being 2004 when Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle became something of a cult hit - the joke was that here's a stoner road movie about a bookish Korean-American and an Indian-American party animal, ethnic stereotypes filling in for the usual Anglo stereotypes who would inhabit these roles. The NYers - well played by John Cho andKal Penn - ventured into the night seeking smokes, girls and sliders at a White Castle burger joint. VIDEO: 'A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas' Red Band Trailer: The Second Coming of Neil Patrick Harris Nothing has changed. After being waylaid by the lame Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay in 2008, Harold and Kumar, looking well past 30 - the actors always played much younger than they were - return for another nocturnal ramble that will increasingly move into surreal fantasy. But the situation, for all the 3D claptrap, remains essentially the same: Two reasonably authentic characters tumble into a Wonderland of sheer nonsense. How funny this nonsense is will be found in the minds of viewers. So in this instance, reactions will very in the extreme. A person could grow up appreciating the Marx Brothers, Three Stooges and John Landis comedies and may still find this movie's only funny line concerns Kal Penn's brief career diversion into the Obama White House. Others will bust a gut laughing at the robot waffle-maker, a desperate virgin, Ukranian mobsters, African-American con artists and a critically injured Santa. VIDEO: John Cho, Kal Penn Promise Holiday Cheer in 'A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas' The script by Jon Hurwitz & Hayden Schlossberg, who have written all three films, shows desperation in the what-can-we-do-now panic that motivates much of the story. Like the White Castle movie didn't? Yet at the core of this movie lies a real problem: What happens when former college friends drift away from each other? Harold has bought into the middle-class American dream with the deluxe house in the suburbs and a beautiful wife Maria (Paula Garces), albeit one who, being Mexican and this being a comedy trafficking in racial stereotypes, comes with a family headed by a father (Danny Trejo) and extended family that look like they stumbled in from a Robert Rodriguez movie. Kumar, on the other hand, is still a pot-smoking kid at 30, whose girlfriend Vanessa (Danneel Harris) would ditch him only she has just learned she is pregnant. A package misaddressed to Harold's former abode - Kumar's mess of a walk-up flat - brings the two together on Christmas Eve and, naturally, disaster ensues. A Christmas tree, ignited by an errant joint, goes up in smoke, necessitating the two men and their new "best friends" - Kumar's horny pal Adrian (Amir Blumenfeld) and Harold's suburban wuss amigo Todd (Tom Lennon) - to hazard the night's many caprices to find a suitable substitute. No doubt serious substance abuse prior to the movie will make these adventures much funnier, however, there are occasional inspired flights of fancy including the movie's sudden deviation into claymation with stop-motion characters, all the winks and nods over the 3D Christmas and yet another appearance by Neil Patrick Harris playing a character called "Neil Patrick Harris." You might think of this movie as a lineal descendent of the Hope-Crosby road pictures, which took two hapless characters into misadventures, musical numbers and self-referential gags and in-jokes that played with audiences' memories of past movies and movie conventions themselves. It's as harmless as it is stupid so neither the claymation schlong nor a seriously drugged child should offend. They will, of course, and indeed the filmmakers are counting on someone to think this is all edgy humor when in fact Cheech and Chong beat everyone to the punch years ago. (Up in Smoke is the best stoner comedy ever and that's the end of the discussion.) So A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas is, like its predecessors, a mildly diverting naughty comedy, lacking the pure comic nastiness of Bad Santa or the sheer audacity of Up in Smoke. Tech credits achieve high marks - whoops, let's make that solid marks - for the 3D shenanigans and the claymation by an Oregon-based company, HOUSE Special. A shorts and TV director named Todd Strauss-Schulson made his feature debut with this movie and hasn't been mentioned until now because he seems to bring little personality or vision to this effort. The film's success really comes down to Kal Penn and John Cho and the almost endearing, idiotic characters they have created over these three films. Opens: Nov. 4 (Warner Bros.) Production companies: New Line Cinema presents in association with Mandate Pictures a Kingsgate Films production Cast: Kal Penn, John Cho, Amir Blumenfeld, Tom Lennon, Danny Trejo, Elias Kotaes, Neil Patrick Harris, Paula Garces, Danneel Harris, Eddie Kaye Thomas, David Krumholtz, Bobby Lee Director: Todd Strauss-Schulson Screenwriters: Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg Producer: Greg Shapiro Executive producers: Nathan Kahane, Nicole Brown, Richard Brener, Michael Disco, Samuel J. Brown Director of photography: Michael Barrett Production designer: Rusty Smith Music: William Ross Costume designer: Mary Claire Hannan Editor: Eric Kissack R rating, 90 minutes Neil Patrick Harris

Fox Business Funnel Ratings Still Dismal After four years

It absolutely was an abysmal month for Fox News' youthful sister funnel. Fox Business Network saw an average daily viewership near to 65,000 for October, according to Nielsen, which been the month in the network's four-year anniversary. Within the target 25-54 demo, though, Fox Business only came typically 10,000 audiences daily. This, in contrast for the network's chief competitor, CNBC, which saw around 201,000 audiences normally and 59,000 inside the 25-54 age group. An origin familiar with the network states that four years in, they expected Fox Business being undertaking "a lot better than 10,000 inside the target demo." PHOTOS: Most likely Probably The Most Spoken-About TV News Faces Adding towards the network's worries is the fact Don Imus' program, Imus every morning, which Fox Business first demonstrated this past year since the network's daily morning kickoff program, is undertaking totally -- with typically just 5,000 daily audiences inside the target demographic for your month and 90,000 total audiences. In contrast, Squawk Box, which airs on FBN's chief competitor CNBC concurrently as Imus' show, received 179,000 total audiences normally for your month and outdelivered Imus inside the target demographic by greater than 1,one hundred percent, with 65,000 audiences. There's one relatively vibrant spot for Fox Business -- its early prime-time 4 p.m.-8 p.m. slate, including shows like Cavuto and Lou Dobbs Tonight. The network attracted around 85,000 average daily audiences for your month, including 12,000 audiences within the target demographic, throughout people several hours. But even that figure remains well behind the 212,000 total audiences CNBC received for the same time slot. Fox Business Network executive v . p . Kevin Magee is trying to put an positive spin round the amounts, saying things aren't badly simply because they appear. "It's my job to want better ratings than I have,Inch he told Adweek. "[But] the recognition expires for people.In . Magee mentioned the network's ratings are "substantially up from October this past year -Up 38 percent year upon year.Inch For that network's ratings as compared to the competition, Magee downplayed the value of target demographic ratings altogether, saying, "I'd appropriately explain how the specific makeup within our audience is rather terrific. We've most likely probably the most affluent audience in fundamental cable. We've got people with money, which we attract some very, high-finish entrepreneurs." Calculating success according to when the network is reaching it's the 25-54 age group "might be an outdated measurement," Magee mentioned. STORY: Moguls Share A Typical Television Stations The ratings trouble at Fox Business follows round the heels from the incident earlier inside the month when Reuters acquired a memo Magee had sent the network's staff instructing those to focus much more on business news along with a more compact amount round the type of political fodder that's become Fox News Funnel's signature. "I've been asked for to assist help remind everyone again that they are separate channels, as well as the more we make [Fox Business Network] appear like [Fox News Funnel] the higher from the injustice all of us caused by ourselves," Reuters reported Magee as writing inside the memo. "I recognize the temptation to imitate our sister network expecting emulating its success, but we can not.In . That note to staff introduced some to question if Fox News chief Roger Ailes was searching to produce Fox Business Network on something from the course correction. In speaking to Adweek, Magee looked for to understate the value of what he'd written. "In my opinion the memo got a little more play laptop or computer deserved," he mentioned. "We've mentioned immediately that people must function as Fox Business Network." For whether he's happy with Imus, which has fought against gossips surrounding his employment within the network formerly, Magee mentioned, "Don introduced an audience to us that individuals wouldn't have grown to be otherwise . . . I'm not out thinking, 'I have to replace Imus.' Incidentally, he's around the contract. There's the exact same thing.In . Related Subjects Fox Business Funnel

Lackluster Reactions to 'Prime Suspect,' 'Hart of Dixie,' 'Revenge' Marketing Campaigns Suggest Shows in danger: Study

NBC's Prime Suspect, the CW's Hart of Dixie and ABC's Revenge should be worried about their futures, if TiVo's soon-to-be launched report about marketing conversions is any suggestion.our editor recommendsFall TV's 'The X Factor,' 'New Girl' Among Top Shows For Marketers Study: Fall's Most Anticipated New Shows RevealedNew Training of Fall TV: Comedy Is King18 Familiar Faces of Fall TVFall TV Premiere Week: The Those who win and LosersRelated Subjects•Fall Television Preview Based on TiVo, the only real shows with lower conversions than individuals three, Charlie's Angels and H8R, happen to be canceled. TiVo interviewed the viewing habits of 35,000 of their customers to find out the number of promotions on new Television shows they saw, the number of occasions they saw them and if the promotions convinced these to stay tuned. When they updated in to the premiere episode having seen a minimum of three promotions, that qualified like a effective "conversion." PHOTOS: 10 Television Shows Canceled Faster Than 'The Playboy Club' Television professionals may want to take TiVo's data seriously, because no five shows using the cheapest promo conversions this past year was restored. Scoring the greatest conversion rate was CBS' 2 Broke Women, which already gained a complete-season order. No. 2 on TiVo's list was Fox's New Girl. PHOTOS: Fall TV Dying Pool: Which Shows Is Going To Be Axed Next? The machine isn't foolproof, though, because the show using the third-greatest conversion rate, CBS' How to become a Gentleman, continues to be canceled, as was NBC's Free Agents, which obtained the eighth-greatest promo conversion rate. Rounding the top ten new broadcast shows using the greatest promo conversions are Terra Nova, Person of great interest, Pan Am, Suburgatory, Up Through The Night and Memorable. PHOTOS: Fall TV's 12 Most Anticipated Shows Rounding the bottom 10 are Whitney, The X Factor, The Playboy Club (already canceled), Ringer along with a Gifted Guy. TiVo also notes in the are convinced that there's no direct correlation between "achieve" and conversion rate. For instance, Whitney obtained the greatest achieve with 85.3 % from the panelists uncovered towards the promotions, though its conversion rate was the 5th cheapest one of the 21 new fall broadcast series that opened between Sept. 12 and March. 2. Revenge also obtained high achieve but low conversion. Related Subjects Terra Nova The X Factor New Girl Hart of Dixie Ringer H8R Person of great interest Memorable A Gifted Guy 2 Broke Women Charlie's Angels Pan Am Revenge Suburgatory Prime Suspect The Playboy Club Up Through The Night Whitney Free Agents ABC NBC CBS Fox Broadcasting Corporation The CW Fall TV Preview

AFM: Woodsy Allen Doc Foreign Rights

Submarine Entertainment and HanWay Films are marketing Robert B. Weide’s Woodsy Allen: A Documentary to worldwide customers within the American Film Market now in Santa Monica. Various U . s . States rights have formerly offered. It'll air by 50 percent parts November 20-21 on PBS’ American Masters. The documentary features clips of Allen’s movies including his most commercial effective Evening amount of time in Paris. Emmy-winning and Oscar nominated Weide examines Allen’s existence and artistic process, from his childhood and early career to the present. Weide had extensive utilization of observe Allen’s writing habits, casting, pointing, editing and relationship along with his stars. Interviews of stars too numerous to read cover his whole career from Louise Lasser, Tony Roberts, Dianne Wiest, Diane Keaton completely to Antonio Banderas, Penelope Cruz, Scarlett Johansson, Naomi W and Owen Wilson. Writing collaborators Marshall Brickman, Mickey Rose and Doug McGrath weigh in along with cinematographers Gordon Willis and Vilmos Zsigmond along with creating partner Letty Aronson, producers Robert Greenhut and Stephen Tenenbaum and longtime managers Jack Rollins and Charles H. Joffe plus Martin Scorsese among a lot more.