Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hugh Jackman Areas 'Real Steel' By Knocking Out WWE Wrestler

Believe to advertise your movie of a boxing robot then engaging in a fight yourself? No less than this is actually the stance 'Real Steel' star Hugh Jackman needed on Monday evening just like a guest host on WWE Raw. Within a match between wrestlers Dolph Ziggler and Zach Driver, Jackman -- who was simply standing front row -- made a decision to acquire involve by blindsiding Ziggler getting a punch hard. (Although, this being the WWE, it absolutely was a great deal a lot more like a "punch.") As you have seen inside the clip below, the whole bit is carried out virtually. However, one component that wasn't done well: the sly reference to the Jackman's film within the sideline announcer, calling the actor's punch a "real steal" (yuck, yuck yuck) for Zach Driver. [via America online TV] Image because of Full Worldwide/bauergriffinonline.com

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