Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Early Edition: Alexander Skarsgard Travels 'East,' 'Last Exorcism' Follow up, More

Hello from Hollywood. Some tips about what happened last evening as you were fantasizing of the weekend's new releases. Alexander Skarsgard will briefly trade in the vampire terrorism for eco-terrorism in Brit Marling's thriller 'The East.' Old exorcists don't die, they segue into sequels: Hot youthful film writer Damien Chazelle (he's 25) will write the script for any second 'The Last Exorcism.' The Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle story will ultimately be converted into a movie, for Cinemax, with Eric Stonestreet starring. Plus much more ... Continue reading. Alexander Skarsgard has another weighty role he is able to sink his teeth into: The star of TV's 'True Blood' is within foretells join Brit Marling in 'The East,' in regards to a female agent who infiltrates an eco-terrorist group. Skarsgard would take part in the leader from the group who seeks revenge against dishonest companies. Marling, that has received glowing reviews on her 'Another Earth' (which she authored and stars in) co-authored the film with Zat Batmanglij, who's pointing. Skarsgard plays villains in the next two excursions: in Fishing rod Lurie's 'Straw Dogs' remake, which opens Sept. 16, and Lars von Trier's 'Melancholia.' Shooting is scheduled to start in October and November in Nashville. [The Hollywood Reporter] Last summer's 'The Last Exorcism' apparently will not function as the last in the end. Though not really a gigantic hit, the reduced-budget film made enough money to result in the producers to maneuver ahead having a follow up -- using the financial benefits of Studio Canal (who had been also behind the very first film). Damien Chazelle, a rising Hollywood film writer (his 'Guy and Madeline on the Park Bench,' that they also directed, opened in the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival, he authored 'The Claim,' that was acquired last October, and merely offered a thriller script, 'Grand Piano') continues to be recorded to create the script. The initial 'Last Exorcism' would be a found footage story in regards to a troubled evangelical minister who concurs to allow his last exorcism be shot with a documentary crew not sure about the plot for that follow up. [THR] The Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle story will ultimately be converted into a movie ... although not for that giant screen, where it goes, however for Cinemax. And 'Modern Family's' Eric Stonestreet will have the rotund comedian. For individuals individuals that do not be aware of sad tale of Arbuckle, here is a brief rundown: Arbuckle would be a quiet film actor, comedian, director, and film writer who had been incredibly well-liked throughout the very first 2 decades from the cinema. But throughout an outrageous party in the St. Francis Hotel in Bay Area throughout the Labor Day weekend in 1921, among the female visitors, a little player named Virginia Rappe, grew to become ill and died a couple of days later. Arbuckle was wrongly charged with raping her and, though he was found innocent from the crime, the scandal destroyed his career. The Cinemax film is entitled 'The Day the Laughter Stopped' and will also be directed by Craig Levinson. [The Playlist] 'Fast Five' director Justin Lin has signed a 2-year production cope with Universal Pictures, that will certainly be the house of his Barnstorm Pictures. The shingle will build up and convey mainstream tentpole films in addition to more compact-allocated films to stop-and-comers an opportunity. Lin is placed to direct two high-profile projects, another 'Terminator' movie and also the Manga-based 'Lone Wolf and Cub.' [TheWrap] Patton Oswalt and Johnny Knoxville will star as "a set of fighting siblings who make an effort to recognition their ailing father if you take a troop of boys on the last ditch camping trip that goes extremely wrong" within an untitled comedy from Todd Rohal, who authored and can direct. The film, which starts shooting now, co-stars Take advantage of Riggle, Maura Tierney and Patrice O'Neal. [SlashFilm] Cody Horn, daughter of former Warner Bros. leader/COO Alan Horn, continues to be cast because the female lead in Steven Soderbergh's 'Magic Mike,' a drama in regards to a male stripper (Channing Tatum) who befriends a youthful dancer (Alex Pettyfer) and shows him how you can hustle both on stage and off. Horn will have the sister of Pettyfer who also ends up inside a romance using the titular Miracle Mike (Tatum). Horn has already established a recurring role on TV's 'Rescue Me.' [CinemaBlend] And, finally, Michael Bay's 'Transformers: Dark from the Moon' continues to be electronically changed into 'Transformers: Dark from the Moon: An IMAX three dimensional Experience,' and can hit IMAX theaters for any new two-week run August. 26-Sept. 8. The film has made $348.5 million in the domestic box office and $747 billion overseas.

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